Should Have Stayed Home


Attorney just called,has me a check mailed out for $4,300 to fix the bike(not counting the Arai Corsair V helmet,etc.).Figure I can replace the side fairing,front cowling,and left side graphics for around $1,200 so I'm happy as a hog in slop.:laugh:


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I see no reason why they’d piece out your judgment amount in more than one check. ‘Forever’ medical expenses as related to your agreed upon injuries, full payment for proven damages, including your helmet and ‘etc’ and whatever additional $$ for any agreed upon pain and suffering is what you’re entitled to. But, more than likely, if you cash that check and probably sign some sort of release, that’s all you’ll get.


They said the bike,helmet,etc. are separate from the injury settlement(which may be 6 months or so down the road).As it stands now with this check they wouldn't get a dime for their time,and you know they want their 33%.Still have to send them a picture of the helmet/receipt,clothes,etc. for now.


So far they've sent me $4,300 to fix the bike(took $1,300),$800 for my Arai helmet(scuff mark about the size of a quarter,a little touch up with some paint and good to go),and today recd. a check for $5,000 for "loss of use",would've been $7,500 but they had to tap it for their 33%.Final settlement somewhere on down the road but for now I'm good,bike's like new and I've pocketed $9,000 so I'm not complainin'(poop,somebody can run me over every year or two as long as it's not too serious :laugh:).


Left hand is still a little bunged up but am living with it,just added it to the list of all the other bunged up body parts from the previous two crashes,arthritis,etc.,etc.,etc.Be nice to get another $20K or so when the final tally is in but don't know what it'll be.:super:


Left hand is still
a little bunged up
but am living with it ,
just added it to the list
of all the other bunged up
body parts from the previous
two crashes , arthritis , etc . , etc . , etc .

Be nice to get another $20K or so
when the final tally is in
but don't know what it'll be .

They need to break out a few more dockets to repair your grill ~ they got all this new technology for fixing up your smile *



Yeah,and the big price tag to go with it,last I checked it was around a $1,000 per tooth.I don't figure I have all that many years left to justify dumpin' $25K into my mouth when plain old dentures will get me by.Hell,that's another motorsickle or two.:banana:
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