Should be picking up my Busa this week!

went and test rode a busa i found locally from a real cool guy. he's 38 and barely rides it. Its an 06 with 18xx miles on it. rode great, shifted nice, everything was peprfect. I just need to learn to adapt to riding a sport bike(been riding a cruiser for the past year and a half).

on to a few camera phone pics i took of it:



Has scorpion cans on it(will be for sale) and an Irridium Double Bubble(also will be for sale...or trade. I want a smoked one). I'm also getting the stuff he has new in the box for it. He's got a Rear fender Eliminator thats never been installed, a set of white face gauges with blue lighting, and the Rear hump has never been installed.

Going in to sign my paperwork this morning to get finalized on the loan. I should have the bike by the end of the week, along with more pics!


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Very nice, she looks un-molested. Cant wait for more pics. Are you sure you can sleep the rest of the week?
i'm just excited. my bike is finally sold and i'm waiting to hear from his bank saying that they've wired the money. so after i hear that(today or tomorrow), i'll deliver my bike, and the next day drive up and get the one above:thumbsup:


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Congrats! Use that lack of sleep period to catch up on all the reading around here. :laugh:
i wish. the wait sucks. haha. i got my loan stuff finalized and have a check for the guy. Insurance is set up on it as well.

still waiting on my bank to fax over a payoff amount to the buyer of my bike's bank.....zzzzzzz.


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You're dancing down deep don't have to tell us.


Keep us posted, brother...


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Congratulations on your bike. An 06 with 1830 miles on it, how do people do that?
Sounds like the best thing you could do to mod it is to increase the ODO number as much, and as soon, as possible.
Have fun.:thumbsup:





rode great on the way home......found a nice long straight road and just had my wife in my truck behind me. In 4th gear i pulled on the throttle and went from 65-110 in about 3 seconds. the power and how much it pulls is incredible. only thing is my left wrist sore from having to adjust to the new position of the clutch.

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