shorty pipe ?


Need Advice. I Have A 99 With A Full Rs-3 Exhaust And I Want To Put A Shorty Slipon Over My Yoshimura Header. Will That Be Ok Or Do I Need Stock Headers...
Anything with exhaust is possible. You may need to re-map to make it run right,there will probably be a difference in flow/back pressure.
thinking Of Buying 1 Off Ebay With A Baffle Till I Can Get Nother Full Shorty System..

I would ask what the Id of the slip on you want is,and compare that to the size of yer exsisting header,or you could have fitment issues.

Yer probably looking at a custom hanger will be damb lucky if the 2 systems match up so well that the hanger is in the same spot.

you can use yosh header and put shorty on it. You will just need muffler shop to expand end to slide over yosh header tip, then clamp down tight.. I have a turbo whistler with baffle one for sale


It should work just fine. Like stated you might have to work a little on putting the two together.