Shorty Mufflers...Thanks Warp10

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At the least Eureka Springs MnG, Warp10 (Ken) had a neat set of small black mufflers on his 08 Busa. They looked and sounded great. Wondered how a pair would look on my 07 so did some research and came up with a pair of my own. His were very nice quality...mine are cheap Chinese import crap but they look and sound good. They came with a removeable baffle and really sound great with the baffle out but the performance, especially low and mid range really suffered. Probably would be much better with a Power Commander. With the baffles in they dont sound quite as nice but the fueling is excellent. I also removed the rear adjustable links and put the bike back to stock height. Then did the "Jinkster" suspension adjustments. Here are a couple of pics:



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Like teh carbon fiber look , I was looking for a good short 4 into one full set up myself problem is $$$$$$$$$. Oh well one day. Looks good man.

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Any way to cut into the mid pipe to shorten it and slide the muffler closer to the the mid pipe?
The mid pipes curve at the outer end so that the stock mufflers align with the mounting points on the rear pegs. If you cut off all the curve the mufflers will stick out at a funny angle but I would imagine it could be done.

where did you find those at ????
They are automobile mufflers. Any auto store would have something similar.

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