Shoping for goodies


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well Ive had a busy weekend of getting new toys for the busa.

First, I am now the owner of GPS. thats right, now I know just how slow Im goin cause its proven by satalite. Now all I need to do is realy learn how to use the thing. But I do have to admit, its a realy cool toy.

Second, got a stem stand for the GPS and the Video camara.

Now I guess Im realy gona have to sit down and read the instructions on how to use that video editing software I bought in Januray.

Now all I have to do is find some fitting road to go tape and let all of you great people see just how flat Texas realy is.
Sweet man!

I am still waiting on my camera mount!

What vid edit SW you got? I use Adobe Premier 6.5 running through my Pinnacle DV500.
lets see, Im useing pinnacle studio 8 with a Canon DV Zr-40 camara. Im hoping that I can figure this stuff out before too long, I cant wait to get some good footage of Seca this summer.
Jester's Texas vid: pics of the road, pics of the sky, pics of the road, pics of the sky. You wheelie easier than anyone I know..

Cant's wait for Laguna!
im gona try and tame it down a little and make a good video with streets, cars, and other bikes too, not just road-sky-road-sky.