Shipping your motorcycle..

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Got a friend looking to buy a new motorcycle. If he finds one to far out of state he'll need to find a shipper........
Have you checked Fed Ex? I know it sounds goofy but they will ship just about anything. However I am not sure of the pricing...
How do you have to prep the bike? Do they give you the pallet and braces? or do they just roll it into their truck and strap it down? Sorry for the ignorant Q.......never done it.
Yellow Freight is how I got mine from Canada to Houston.
But they were in the original crate. Alot of times if you go to your local dealer and ask for a crate they might take care of you.
Both companys I spoke with have reuseable crates just for motorcycles.... Kind of a aluminum box with a place to strap down your bike.
They guarantee it'll make it there in one piece? I might be looking at shipping, so I'm riding your coat tails ks!

To many varibles to post actual cost..... But, I bet you'll save money on your new bike when you add the two together. (shipping/cost of bike).
Either Ninja Eater or Narcisuss may be able to help, can't remember which one.But if memory serves me correctly one of those shipped there bike to or from Fla recently.... And posted something about the shipping company they use.. Also check with Gixx1300 he paints bikes and probably may have some input on who can get it there in 1 pc and unharmed.