Shinko tires


ok my friend put one on his r-6 hey says he didnt like it it sticked like a champ for his first couple hundred miles then slip all over after wondering if anyone out thier has a shinko on thier hayabusa because the local bike store has them for cheap and i can now see the thread on my dunlop from doing 360 burnouts.......yeah i know its stupid but the tyre was about shot im gonna get a new tire friday its gonna most likely be a dulop unless anyone has any good feed back on a shinko.......the local bike store told me what do i have to lose i told him i could drop my bike with a shitty tire.......any help out thier??
I went with the Metzler Rennsports. Took them to a track day and they are still doing really well. Not sure what type of riding your doing out there in the desert but the Metzlers are good and sticky. Tires are like bikes... You get what you pay for.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Wouldn't that make Harley the best.... oh man... I can't stop laughing.....
I say don't do it get the dunlop,or bridgestone or Pilot sports but stay away from that tire on your busa or you will find yourself in the weeds real soon...........................
I've got a shinko on the rear and so far it works great. I use it with my 8 inch extended arm. It will pull the front of the ground with ease. :whip:
just slapped a metzler on her today got the usual 10% discount and she seems great only around 30 miles on it but i can lean it over alot farther than the dunlop almost to the edge......i hated the stuck nice but didnt hold up for here goes a metzler.......
The Shinko works better for drag racing, not corners. So it makes a difference on what you are going to do!