Shinko 009 or Conti-Motions?

Which one

  • Shinko 009

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • Conti Motion

    Votes: 4 66.7%

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Price being the same which would you choose and why? For a set shipped under $200 these seem to be the options.
I have run both in the past before I started to push it in the twisties. I still use the conti-motions in the winter when I just commute to and from work. The conti's are better hands down. If you are not pushing it when leaned over then they will be just fine, if you do push it, then buy a better tire.
If I had that choice I'd definitely buy the shinkos. The shinkos are a heavier tire by weight and they burn hotter when used to start brush fires. Using a tire to start a brush fire is an old white man trick that an Indian taught me! :thumbsup:
I just got a set of Pilot Power 2ct's mounted and balanced out the door for $250. Keep shopping, don't settle on the only thing holding you to the road.
im on my 3rd set of motions. for the price i love them. yes they are not a great tire but for most of us they will do the job just fine. they get great mileage too
I would have to give the 009 the edge over the Motions. I have used the each tire 3 times over the past 3 years. I push these tires hard...Weekend at the Dragon, track days(i get a laugh by the group till i pass that azz and outbrake them)many many many W.Va twisty road trips, the Blueridge Parkway up and down from N. Va to N.Carolina...So why the 009 you ask..Well I know the limits of both these tire purely from a Busa only..The 009 when they are about to break tends to make the bike go into a slow drift or something like trailbraking(trying to master) which lets me know that I am at the limit on to ease up. The Motions tend to do the same but at a quicker drift which if you dont know its coming will lead to a chopped throttle panic and over the handlebars you go. Both tires are so similar with roll in at an apex, the Motions tends to let me give more throttle on the exit, where the 009 starts the slow drift and if not careful doing the same with the Motions, then game over. If you are looking for a performance tire for the track to increase you lap time or improve your riding style, then dont use these. These are the harder compound tire which wasnt designed to to be balls to walls like your favorite track tire, but you will get great mileage out of both.(7k to 9k rear, 15k front from normal riding half of that if you push them hard like i do or track days) They both will handle pretty much anything you throw at them once you learn their limits first. In the wet, they handle great. As of now I am running 009 from the Motions. Sites like Motorcycle Superstore, etc have user review that actually use the tire and not a biased opinion or my buddy's friend uncle's dad son tried them answer...You get the point.
I'm on my first set of Motions. They are an OK tire, but I've had them slide the rear out a couple of times in corners without pushing very hard. Never tried the Shinkos