Shinko 005 Advance


I recieved my Shinko 005 Advance tires from Motorcycle Superstore - Motorcycle Accessories and Motorcycle Gear and yes they are Z rated. Well I had to teach an MSF course and it was raining like cats and dogs and the tires held up well in the rain, I didn't feel the tires slip once. I was leaning and everything and the tires held up. Then I had to ride back from the course to my place which is 45 mins away and the ride was smooth and corners very feel and great feedback. I'm sold on those tire. :bowdown:


Dear spring....... HURRY!
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how much? and did u buy front & back?
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Just put the 005's on mine to and love them. Have a little over 400 miles on them now. I got mine from Bike Bandit for $198.00 shipped front and rear.


I have a BRAND NEW Busa, with a brand new tire and a brand new drywall screw in the tread, I just ordered a Shinko today..........


Dear spring....... HURRY!
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+1 on the sponsors sellin shinkos, i need em ASAP so i can get em mounted before next thursday
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Support the sponsors! One of them already posted he has all types and sizes in stock ready to ship. Thanks for the great feedback on the tires!
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