shift light for bikes?


The Tattooed Blurr
ok i know i need a louder exaust as i can never seem to beat the 11,500 limiter with my ears. so im thinking about putting a shift light on my 2001 does anyone know how to make or where to get a small light for bikes? car shift lights are just two in the way big let me know thanks.
Depending on how much money you want to spend you can check-out  Lockhart Phillips LP and look at the Pro Shift Light / Datatool Revlight / Autometer's Quick Lite / Translogic Shiftlight.

All are made for motorcycles and some of the shiftlights like the one from Translogic works with some of there other products for auto shifting...

thanks puck and johnny the data tool rev light is small and flat exactly what im looking for, but the one johnny recommended is a lot less moola. so i emailed the guy to see if he can make his shift light flat like the rev light so well see. i just cant do anything the easy way lol. thanks again
the harlem one is three wire hook up :drool:
thanks johnny the price was right so i went with the harlem one i can always change the leds to a flat set later if i dont like the tube design. i do appreciate the imput, what rpm do ya think i should set it at to start? i know its all in how fast i can shift when the light comes on. any suggestions would be great thanks
do a dyno pull so you will have HP and Torque infor and then you can find where to poop .
But a good starting point id 9,800 with stocker and 10K with a 4/1
i did a dyno run friday with pcII with stage 1 map, stock exhaust, tre, pair valve, 16 tooth front and 42 tooth rear and it pulled 92.5 pounds of torque and 149.8 hp. im putting my akrapovic full system on this weekend with airbox mod and new k&n i have another dyno appt on thursday so ill be interested to see what happens. im going to down load the 007 map for the pcII and my buddy will customize it as needed.