she's gone..............


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Well, the new owner of my bike will be here shortly to pick her up. His name is Sean, and he saw a post I made a couple weeks back indicating I'd sell my '01 so I could get a 40th anniversary edition. We came to a fair deal, and I found a 40th at a dealer a 150 miles away or so. So heres one last shot of her....will post pics of the new one on wednesday after I get her home.  

Now the mods begin AGAIN....sheesh....just when I was done spending money!!  

Hey led tailights that will look cool in the 40th color tail? Never even got the chance to install the blue ones!!

I'll order the topgun wednesday, and my local guy has the yosh rs3 slips in stock...should I go polished or Carbon???

I'll miss her...but she's going to a good home.

you know, I don't remember...but I'm pretty sure it was a "suzuki genuine accessory" item.
That is a beautiful bike.... if I do say so myself~ I can see how hard it
must have been for you to part ways~ I'm sure your buyer, Sean, will
be very pleased with that sweet machine~

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yep...just found the geniune carbon fiber tank pad...22.95. Website shows it available for all years on the busa...
Great - thanks for the info! Were you pretty happy with it or do you wish it offered a little more coverage?
Dude, personally I like the look of CF, that's why I got the CF over the polished BDE pipe... The polished is a little too much bling for my taste, and I think the CF looks more, what's the word, hi-tech, ya, that's it... hi-tech.
here is some led lights that look pimp in the 40th... me wants  


I also like the cf look. I got the bde cf can

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yeah...i'm thinking the carbon will look good with the black frame/swingarm, but then again the mid pipe will be polished ss, so I don't know....anyone have a pic of a 40th with polished cans?

Heres the last photo of her...the new owner, Sean, is really a good guy, and is a member here now, but I don't remember what his screen name is.

Moaz...the tank pad was perfect for me...kept buckles/zippers from dinging the paint. I don't really care for the look of a full bra, so it was just the ticket for me. YMMV.

athough your old bike was great looking the new orangebusa will catch more eyes man sucks youll be without a bike for two whole days well ill lend you a picture of mine too hold you over till wednesday
try not to get to excited its only two days lol
Hey tbonebusa I bet your new 40th anni would look good with this Micron pipes

Hey Tbone, yes to the black ones. They look best. The ones posted in the pic above are Leiberteks. Nuff said bout that. What did you do with the blue set?

Hey Tbone, I personally think that the stainless cans would look better if you're planning on chroming your wheels. If not, the go with the carbon cans. Now, that Micron is off-da-hook! Do what ya gotta do...