She just got serviced, 6000 miles


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Ready to go for the bash. :thumbsup:

Plastics off both sides %^&**!!!!. Thx Blanca, can't remember what I did last time, without your videos it would have been even worse.

New oil filter.

Changed oil to Silkolene 5W40 this time, after about 14 months, 3,000 miles. Will be interesting to see the analysis with next service, this stuff is expensive.

New air filter.

Brake fluid front back and clutch fluid changed, was a bit dirty after two years, but not too bad.

Chain adjusted, and lubed. First adjustment, needed slightly less than 1/2 turn on each adjuster.

Thought to change the coolant, but it still looks clean and brand new, so nothing there.

Checked and lubed everything to the book, no issues found.

One of the plastics rubber grommets was inside the ram air duct, must have been from the last change. How to get it out? With air filter removed, slip a vacuum cleaner hose down there, and when the vacuum gives a hiccup, you have your rubber back.:laugh:

Don't we just love this piece of technology.

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