Shady Valley Sat. 6th

pack mule

formerly known as rtgt
I'm planning another trip to Shady Valley this Sat. if the rain goes away. Leaving out of Lincolnton around 9am from the usual meetup spot at the corner of hwy. 321 and 150. Approx. medium paced ride as my friend from work is coming along. All are welcome, will wait on anyone and hope anyone that rides faster will wait on me. Old 18, 181, 221 or brp, Old 421 then shady. Last trip we made several runs through shady before returning home. Let me know if I need to look for you, I'll need to meet my friend at the halfway supply at 9:30. Thought I'd throw this up here just in case another hayabusa owner wanted to show up.
4 hour ride and all it's doing is raining. I hate it, but I've got to pass. Enjoy be safe