After the first oil change, I just kept on riding. I don't think you need anything but to ride. Perhaps you can buy some tools so you can do your own mainenances?
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Umm, I think you may have missed one. First service is at 600 miles, and second is at 4000 miles. Here, snag this 08 service manual and look at pages 0B-1 and 0B-2 (pg 29-30 in the pdf) for the first few service intervals.

1st service was priced at $170 here in So Cal - besides changing oil and filter, they went through the bike and retighten ever fitting, check/add as needed every fluid, thorough cleaning and re-lube of chain - seems like a lot of $$ to me but I had it included in the original purchase - nothing you couldn't do yourself - but I do think it was a good idea to recheck every nut, screw, etc for tightness -