Service Manual


I'm wondering why does the service manual has such a short maintenance table from 1.000, 6.000, 12.000, 18.000 and 24.000kms revisions. I would like to know what has to be done on 30.000, 36.000, 42.000 and so on kms (sorry for not putting this values in miles, but i guess you know what i mean)...
I think from that point you just start over from the beginning.

are you sure?... on cars it doesn't happen like that, but hey, you can be right mainly because... we're not talking about a car
ok, now i have two oppinions that tell the same: "restart"!
another question: restart from where? from 600 miles or from 4000 miles?... guess it's "restart with mixing the 600 and 4000 miles shedules" - i say this because 600 miles revision is too simple (for example, no clutch fluid or hose inspection), but has steering check, which doesn't appear on 4000 inspection...

I'm wondering if the components there are ALL i need to check on periodic maintenance...
I think it would be safe to say that as long as you restart with the increment that is the most involved, then you'll be fine. Just look to see which schedule has the most service performed and start over with that one.

I don't have a service manual yet, but will be buying one before spring probably.
I agree I try to inspect everything during my service. Only because thats when I am focusing on the bike and not riding. Do the most every time and you wont miss anything.