Service Manual


During my long time away from the site i had to format my HD, and can someone send me it. I cant find it on kazaa, so someone please send it to me
me too please.
I will upload it to my site later tommorow(today). I just got back from a long road trip so I won't bother with it now.

I can only host it for a short time and I won't post the link, since leechers have killed even my bandwidth amounts in the past. Email me and I will reply with a link later in the day.

I might even get rid of that annoying password if I have time.
I got mine from Brennanop. I would be happy to send it to some people if they are comfortable with giving me their mailing address.
Hey, it's the least I could do. I mean, afterall, you sent me mine like right before Christmas. What a surprise for me. Really nice gesture.
I would realy like a copy of that, I want to do a tune up and I would like to have the manuel before I tear in to the bike.

Can I get a copy of that to please?

Where did you get that one?

I've emailed you twice. The password is right there in the filename. Use 'asub' ('busa' backwards, err, I didn't make the file so don't look at me on that one

If you are looking for the author password to remove the password, I have no idea what it is. That would take me 32 straight days of processing to find it, so the password stays.