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Guys, i used to post up here a lot. I had a car crash recently. My shoulder is messed up. I think my riding days are over. I am 67 years old so i am going to be selling my gear.

The following items are up for grabs.

1. Front and rear wheels for 2008 Hayabusa. In excellent condition. I switched to carbon fiber wheels shortly after i bought the bike. That includes bearings. 250.00

2. Chicken Hawk tire warmer for track days. I paid 500 dollars(have receipt) and has never been used. 300 dollars obo.

3. Pit Bull front and rear stands in excellent condition. Paid $300 new. Will let them go for $125.

4. Nexx carbon fiber helmet in very good condition...actually excellent but just have to rub out a few minor marks...not scratches. Mostly white on cheeks, graphite black on top with red striping. X1R . Clear and Smoked lens. Paid $500 for it. Asking $150.

5. Shoei...large. Excellent aerodynamics. White with graphite color scheme. Very good condition. 70 dollars.

6. Suzuki Hayabusa jacket. I am 5'9' and 175lbs. Fits comfortable. Red and black. Good condition. $50 dollars. All leather. Has that ridden look to it.

7. Alpinestar boots for street riding. Has zipper on inside with crossover velco to close wind flap over zipper. Has nice plastic latches that keep boot snug to crown of foot.
black with some red. Sliders are red on the outside front edge of foot. Size 43. Genuine leather. I am shoe size 9. I wore these SMX style boots many times at work. They are that comfortable. Padded ankles. These are not race boot with the long upper shanks. $40

8. Cycleport kevlar mesh jacket. Lime Green with zipper and buttons for air flap over zipper. I used this jacket for summer riding and track days. Has shoulder, elbows, and spine protection. Has full padding inside like a water ski vest. It is the best money can buy for protection. It is a large jacket in very good condition. Many pockets inside and out. Lime green for visibility. There isn't a better jacket for protection made. I paid over 500 dollars for it. $175. This jacket will protect you in so many ways that a leather jacket will not. Guys wearing synthetic jackets....Really?

9. Cycleport Kevlar riding pants. I wore these only on track days. Excellent condition. I am 5'9" and 175lbs. Paid over 500 dollars and will sell for $150. I think every motorcycle cop or track rider should wear these. Excellent protection if you have to lay your bike down at speed.

I live in San Francisco Bay area. Shipping on you. I can dicker on the price a little. God bless...

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