Seeking gen 2 cams

My mechanic is too busy to be online so he asked me to look: He is seeking generation two cams. If you have any feel free to PM me your contact info and I will gladly pass it along to him.



#CamshaftSpecifications ~ #Gen2Hayabusa ~ #WebCamshafts ~ #THEoRg *

Ah well you need to start your a new thread in this "motor & exhaust" forum because people likely will not find your parts here in my thread.

Berlin Germany


well if you are a little too lazy and write a short term even shorter
such errors occur very quickly.

i think you are looking for gen2 camshafts? "cams" ?

or really gen2 mufflers? "cans" ?

friendly ironie on:
there is only about 1/2 " distance between N and M on the keyboard and with very thick fingers or a mitten .....
and off.


serious offer of help - shall i ask in our german haya-board for gen2 camshafts?


i have a set of gen 2 cams , i have the off set key if you are using them in a gen 1 i am in Australia not sure where you are
guessing the US they are $300 + postage
i have a set of gen 2 cams , i have the off set key if you are using them in a gen 1 i am in Australia not sure where you are
guessing the US they are $300 + postage
No thank you, but thanks for the offer. He states that he can get these for similar pricing brand new.
"guessing the US they are $300 + postage "

I took that to mean $300 in USD, so thanks for asking for clarification ottafish. $300 AUD converted to USD would be $201.75. I presented that to him. He asked if you can provide pictures as he is looking for the finish and wear marks.
Thank you very much for all of the info. My mechanic took a second look at his finances and thinks this would be a bad time to start the build. I apologize I do not know why he asked for pics if he was going to delay this. Grrrrr.

Please all others consider this case closed.
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