Seeing a big spread in extended warranty prices...what have you all paid?


Seems like extended warranties are all over the place as far as price...what did you pay, for what length, a Suzuki plan?? My dealer says I have until my 1 year to pick it up...just wondered what I should pay?


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My dealer offered me a 3 year after mine went out for 500.00 i dont know how good that is, going to wait a while and think about it.


Just as info... my first 08 Busa was stolen 4 months after my purchase. I bought the bike and a 3 year extended warranty for around 14k out the door. The warranty was almost 1k for the 3 years. I sold back the warranty but they pro rated it and the dealer took some also. It cost about 200 bucks for buying this warranty early, that didn't even start yet because of the 1 year factory. When I bought my new one they said I can wait up to 30 days from the end of the factory warranty to purchase the extended. Also I went to Delaware to buy my new one and the warranty was 630 bucks compared to the grand... wtf. Dealers mark up around. :banghead:


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Extended motorcycle warranties is money wasted. Good luck getting a dealer to cover anything.


I was quoted 449 at the time of the sale for 5 years but did not take it as I do most of my own maintence etc.
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