Second Hand Horrors


Hey guys..

I took my bike which i bought 2nd hand in October last year to the mechanic for some work on the exhaust.

Horror of Horrors.....when the lefthand faring came off the mechanic asked me to take a look at the radiator. The bolt that is supposed to hold the radiator to the mount was sheared, and the radiator was held on by CABLE TIES!!! I freaked!

Fortunately for me this was prior to going on a decent ride and so i told the trusty mechanic to give the bike a good examination. This was the only thing that he found wrong with it and suggested that it was probably broken when the previous owner changed the pipes.

So a bit of grinding, drilling and re-tapping later it was all fixed...

But like my post says - Second Hand Horrors - beware of second hand bikes no matter how good they look and make sure you take it to a good reliable mechanic for a once over before you start the serious stuff.

Any other horror stories??


This might sound sort of wierd, But alot of times I take a serious look at things besides the bike. Like how clean a persons house or garage are. What their personel vehicle looks like (is it neat and tidy) or are things strewn everywhere! Personel appearance!!!!! All give me an insight to who I'm dealing with.............Sometimes you just have to go the extra distance to get that warm fuzzy feeling you need before making that final purchase.
When I bought my 01 the guy said it never had a scratch
so when I went to the shop I use, the guy there called the
dealer and since he used to work there he did a back
check on it. I found out it had been low-sided but the
owner spared no expence? when they fixed it. I still can't
find any repair marks so it could have been worse I guess
Man I really try to stay away from them, but I may break down and buy a second hand Gold Wing this fall.... wonder i can buy one with a warranty???/