Can anybody give me any suggestions about seats? I am fairy short legged, and had a Corbin made for another bike I had and absolutely hated it. Any ideas?


I am short legged also, and am always trying to find ways to lower
a bike. What didn't you like about your Corbin seat? Too hard? That
seems to be the most common complaint I hear. I put a Corbin on
my Busa to lower it. So far I have no problems with it. It is much
firmer than the original seat for sure. This hasn't been a problem on
the short rides I have taken on it- around 100 miles at a time. Bike
is so exciting I havn't noticed the firmness at all. It might be more
noticeable on a longer ride.


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I too am somewhat short 5/9 and will soon be getting a Tobin seat, should drop me in the saddle about and inch or so and Im hoping will give a little back support on the long trips as well as keeping me from sliding back while hard acceleration. ( I didnt say that )
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