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I tried a search, but I must be using the wrong words because I can't find any postings. ANYWAYS--what I want to know is how do people who use EZ pass mount the box thingy (real technical term!!!!). I just order one for the bike and was looking for suggestions. Thanks.


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You could try mounting it under one of the "inner plastics" ( inbetween the tank and side fairings ) dont know if the toll booth will pick it up but i dont see why it wouldnt if people can put them in their cars and have no issues... Got a tank bag? Put it in the clear map pocket or your jacket pocket... just a few ideas i thought up off the top of my head... i'd go with the first one though.
i keep mine in my hump and it works from there. you figure if a lincoln that has the 6 foot hood plus another foot to the windshield and the toll picks that up why not in the back of our bike. its workin for me


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Thanks for the ideas. Yea, we pay to use toll roads--I live in good old New York State--LAND OF TAXES!!!!!!!


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I have a triple clamp bag/thing that it fits right into along with a cellphone and keys... It is about the size of 2 packs of cigs.


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I have mine velcro'd to my windscreen as low as possible... You don't even notice the velcro or the ez pass that much... Especially if your windsrceen is smoked. It stays at high speed
you people actually pay to use the toll roads
They do have cameras at the booths now in most states.
staying on the solid white line that splits the two ez pass lanes allows you to pass undetected by the sensors.
let me get this straight. if i wore to stay on the solid white lines that devide the lanes will get me through undetected. correct me if i am wrong would'nt that get me on a collision coarse with the toll booth
not sure about where you are or how your booths are setup, but here the ez pass lanes are side by side only seperated by a solid white line.

anyway why are there toll booths on your ez pass lanes? the point of ez pass is to get as many people thru as possible so as not to build up traffic.

heres a pic so you can see what im reffering to.



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Here in New York, many of the old toll booth lanes have been convereted to EZ pass lanes. Consequently, a toll booth (unmanned) seperates each and every lane. No escaping the payment of a toll. BTW-if for some reason your pass is not read when you pass throught the lane, a picture of your plate is taken and you receive a "bill" for the toll from the longest distance on the thruway. In other words, if you exit in Buffalo, your bill is calculated as if you entered in New York City!!!!!

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