Screens in fairings?


I wanted to toss some of those gutter screens inside my side fairings while it was apart. Question: How do they get held in? What's the secret? There's not too much of a lip on the inside of the fairing are ya using hot glue, sylicone, oh I think I know now DUCT TAPE? is that it?


Hey Bull350, I used some automotive sealant called "GOOP." This stuff really holds well, is silicon-based, and is clear so that any sloppiness will go unnoticed. BTW, you can purchase GOOP at any automotive store. I purchased me a tube from AutoZone.

Even after my crash, the left side fairing took 90% of the injuries suffered, but the screens were still in tact and seated tightly. The stuff is great!

Use fusor it's an automotive adhesive used for body work and it holds stronger than a weld .
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