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Racer 222

The rider formerly known as Howlin_Mad
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Got my nickname on the bike.

Marc "Howlin Mad"

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OK Looks cool, But aren't there enough stickers on that thing allready?

Yeah I know I must be ANTI-Sticker....I just have a thing with simplicity, The Busa is such a unique looking beast, all the extra stickers just seem like over kill. The HOWLIN-MAD stickers look good though seriously.

Go head Howlin, slap me around if you want, I know I am allways being the freakin critic....Just my .02
*Bobbin and Weavin*

Yeah no sweat...I earned it...But I try not to ever say anything on the board that I wouldn't say to your face...besides I plan on eventually getting the opportunity to meet some of you all out on the West Coast...Be a long ride from Tampa But would be sweet...

No Sweat...Still a bit to much of a graphics attack though...IMHO.
That cool my man. No worries. I had those on the 750 before I got the busa just wanted them back. I put the one on the back for all the non blu/sil busas so they would know who was passin them

See you in the twisties guys! Have to go hone the skills today as big O said! Can't let my wingman down.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Looks sharp, but would like to see from a wider angle. Show more of the bike so we can appreciate how it all flows together.
Thinker has a good point, I would like to see the whole thing. The Howlin Mad stickers do look cool bro. And I do...Kinda...well I actually sorta like the Kanji on the Hump, I just want to see someone come up with an Indiglo Kanji cutout flush mounted in the rear of the Hump.
It would be delicate work...
I wonder if Rhythm has something in the works...