Scratch removers


whats the best stuff for getting out light marrs on the surface of the busa? I have a few from rocks and such behind my front tire and real low on the fairings near the front.
none made it all the way down to the platic and there is still paint to be seen....
anyone recommend any safe rubbing compounds or anything
busa is silver 02' btw
thanks fellas..always gotta take care of our babies you know?
2001...6500 miles..BooHoo..I have lots of scratches..I use the finest grain rubbing compound....on the surface stuff..
But at the bottom front edje..the paints been blasted clean off.Everthing is a compromise...Fastest and most Sandblasted....Seen some cool repaints..maybe in a year or two..In the meantime..ride and be happy
Get touch up paint and clear from It will make the pain go away...........make sure you get the clear, it wont match on the silver without it. Make sure you give it a full day for the silver touch up to dry prior to putting on the clear...............
Yano the best and easy way to deal with this, (right from the moment you get the bike, retrospect sucks) is the way i have for years. the under engine fairing and the rest of stuff that gets spit on is pretty easy to figure if you have had a few sport bikes. Go to the craft store (like hobby land), or go to a sign shop that does plastic signs. Buy some sticky back vinyl; pick a color, or pick black. Buy a sheet or two. Go home and get out some good scissors a cut some pieces to cover the bottom and /or front areas.
my bottoms are black, the front area is yellow, so also have i painted my kickstand foot to remind me never to get off and walk away without checking the stand ever again