Scary night last night.


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Yah so i wake up at 3 am let me rephrase i am woken up with a pain in my chest like i have never felt before. Which sustained for 30 mins and had me feeling like i was gonna pass out. I thought i was having a heart attack or something. I have no idea what it was still now was in the hospital they ran all sorts of tests said it was 100% not my heart or anything like that. So i dunno. i hope it doesnt happen again.

But i still feel like crap today honestly last night felt like a javelin impaled my chest it was horrifying.


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yah they had me hooked up to an EKG etc. We will see what happends. im following up with my family doctor on tuesday when hes back from vacation or back to the hospital if there is any other issues.


Hope you feel better! Not being funny....but did they mention anything about gas? I've had gas pains before so badly that it definitely made me feel chest pain/pressure.

Make an appointment to see your regular physician once your released from the hospital. Can't hurt to get a 2nd opinion.

Mr Bogus

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maybe GERD?... (or a touch of acid reflux?)

did that myself... enough to scare you pretty good..


No training wheels?
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Ouch! I hope you feel better real soon and definitly go see your doc even if you are feeling better!!!!


Lily's Daddy
:poke: tell your wife to stop sitting on your chest while you sleep, we all know she is trying to kill you:rofl:

seriously good luck hope you feel better
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