All right. I find this on Cycletrader:

I email the guy, and here’s his response:

Hello ,
I still have the bike for sale . Right now i am located in United Kingdom, i just got married . The bike was bought from USA and has a US clean and clear title .I will handle the shipping. I have to sell the bike because i need the money for my honey moon (want to go in a DREAM honey moon) . My wife and i deserve it . The bike never been laid down, never had accidents. I sure hope that my lost is your gain . I am waiting your soon reply if you are interested to purchase my bike .

Thank you,

I did request the VIN and he sent it. Can someone run just for curiosity?

# JS1GT75A742107339
I am thinking scam... location is Tx and now it is in England? And what kind of English is the guy using in his email...
Yup, definitely a scam. Got that same response almost verbatim from someone when I was looking to buy.
How about you send me the money and I don't send you anything in return. I'll PM you my address.

Hey ... at least i'm honest

Seriously though. I promise you this guy is going to ask you to send the money via Western Union. He'll even tell you to make one out under a name which isn't his, and just give him the transaction number. He'll say he wants this just to make sure you actually have the funds and by not being in his name, he can't collect it. What he won't tell you is that he has someone at W.U. who will give him the funds which they will later split.

I took the liberty of getting a quote shipping a 150lbs package from Miami, Fl. (33056) to Beverly Hill, CA. (90210) via UPS, and it costs $645 for next day and $130 for regular ground. Now think about how much it'll cost to ship a 700-800 pound crate from Europe to the States. What seller in their right minds would pay for that?

Hey by any chance ... does the bike cost $3,500? That seems to be these scammers price of choice.

Ooops! I wrote that question before I clicked the link. Just by reading your post I knew it was the old scam routine. But as you can see I was very close on the price. SCAM!!!

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Either continue e-mailing to pull his chain or just let it go completely. Scam all the way!
As the ol saying goes. If its too good to be true, then it probably is.
Had the same type of is a scam..just let it go..Good rule of thumb. If you cant touch it they dont get any money.
What? No mention of how it was his brother's bike and he's selling it for him?

These scammers are starting to switch things up a bit

Run while you can, or keep emailing him for a while just to have some fun and post up the results here LOL
If its too good to be true, then it probably is.[/QUOTE]

Just for fun.... Ask him to take a picture of the bike with a local UK newspaper of his choice and todays date in it! Let the Crickets start chirping........
SCAM! I called an ad in the Dallas paper a year ago and got the same line. All I said was good by!