Scala Q2 Multiset


I wanted a Scala Rider Q2 Multiset for a long time but did not want to spend over $300 for it or to purchase it form ebay. I like to talk to someone when I order on line. After looking for quite some time I found this site on line.
Hansen Enterprises, Motorcycle Communications

The person I spoke was very nice to talk to, took my info and said it will be shipped out today. The price for the Scala headset was $245.99 I also got a 5% discount now it $237.49 and the best part no shipping or handling charge and I got it in 3 days.
The 5% discount is for military, police, fire and EMT. Sara is the name of the person I spoke with and she said that she will give a 5% discount for a group buy on 3 or more on the Q2 Multiset.
If you want the single Q2 it will be 5 or more. The only sad thing is that I have a couple of months to recover from my shoulder surgery before I can play with them on my bike.
Congrats on the Scala, and good luck with the shoulder surgery. I just had the left shoulder done. I am back on the bike now but not able to go to far yet.:thumbsup:
You're going to love the Scala. Dan and I had the rider/passenger pair an really enjoyed them. Just before the Spring Bash this year we got the Q2s so we can still communicate if we're on separate bikes. The fact that they sync with your phone is great as well as are voice activated so you don't run down the battery by listening to the wind for 50 miles.