Saying Hello

Welcome, you'll get nothing but grins out of it...

Post some pics when you get a chance...
Congrats and Welcome!

The bike is fantastic. Which part of the hand are you from?
Nice to see a silver n00b here like me! ;)

I've deduced silver is the fastest - don't ask! hahahahaha
Got mine a couple of weeks ago, 100 miles to go till the end of the break in period, still got the big stupid grin. You'll love it, congrats.
Welcome my friend, I like your choice!! mine is about a month and half old, but it will be like new when I am able to ride again!!
Welcome to our gang! Hey Silver could ya do us a favor and post a pic of you and Busa when you can? Also give us your impressions of the R1 vs Busa likes & dislikes... How long you had the R1? Thanx in advance - Aloha.