saw this on ebay

somebody is smokin crack! $15,000 I'll sell mine right now for $14,5000.
Yes, most of us agree that it was priced too high, but it's not too high if someone buys it. I guess 'there is a sucker born every minute.'

You know with all the chrome work and polish someone may have figured it was cheaper to buy this than have the work done. A chromed out busa will run you 4-5k
Spaz had a Silver 02 that he brought straight home from the dealer and chromed it out.
He couldn't sell it for $14,000.
He kept it.
MUCH nicer than that one, and brand new!
Strange how these things happen.
<span style='color:red'>Notice!</span>
I have been told the newest scam on ebay is for people to take pictures of your bike off the web and sell them on e-bay. The reason it sold so high is the guy who's bike it actually was placed the highest price and obviously he's not selling it to himself. Ebay has had problems with this lately.

Otherwise if the guy is really trying to sell it for that price, whoever bought it is a dumbass...and it better have about $5000 of crack under the seat as well.
Why would anyone want to buy a bike from a Salvage dealer? Yep buy a bike that has been in a wreck (if this sale is real) You need your head checked to put your ass on a bike that has been totaled and put back together by god knows who!!! Not that it can't be done right but I would make dam sure that they knew what they were doing before I even thought of such a thing.