Saved by a sticker


Got stopped in my truck doing 45 in a 30. Had my Teamster Pubic and Law enforcement stickers on the truck. The cop asked if I'm a big supporter, of course I said yes. Just slow down was the reply, Thanks officer. And to think two hours earlier I was carving the twisties on the Busa. I'm getting the stickers on my Busa.

Glad that you did not get a ticket. Keep those stickers handy.
Ironic twist... I was at the junk yards today and saw an old Firebird with two conflicting stickers on the rear window. On the top left was a 'State Patrol' supporter sticker. In the middle under the large letters spelling 'Martinez' was a 'Calvin'-like character pissing on the word 'America'.

"Ah, I see you hate America, could I see your license and... oh, wait, you support the state patrol. Run along, now and be safe."