** Saturday Ride Winchester Va **


Heading out Saturday morning with a group of guys and maybe 2 girls for a ride up in W.V. The ride will start at 8:15 sharp and end before 4:00. Our final stop will be in Martinsburg where one of the local Gentlemens clubs will be having a bike wash The bike wash is free but the girls don't mind tips from what I have heard. My bike is always clean but I will get it dirty for this ride

Pace... well some of the riders only have a year experience so we won't be blasting in triple digits... well maybe a couple of straights we can hit it, other than that a medium pace ride normally 10mph over for your average. If you want to ride like your at summit point this will not be your ride. My goal is that everyone comes back in one piece and nobody get arrested. Unlike some weeks back. "Squids" We do have rides that are faster pace and the speed limit is up to you but with some new riders this won't be one of them. The roads are great, allot of twisties, anyone that rides has a good time. Mapping out the course the rest of the week to get us back to the babes for the bike wash.

Anyhow we will be at the Stephens City Sheetz from 7:30 to 8:00 kickstands up at 8:15. Trying to beat the heat, the traffic, and the blue lights.

All I ask is everyone rides safe, pass when your not going to kill yourself and keep the wheelies out of town and on the back roads where only us and god know your doing it. My big ass is on a Busa so not much I can do but hit it a few times on the straights. Nobody will be left behind but if your new to motorcycles this might not be your ride. Also Metric bikes would be the bike of choice for this ride if you know what I mean.


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