Saturday night races in Dallas debriefing


All in all, It was pretty cool, a few ended up showing from the boards: Me, Narcissus, Busahigg, and one of his friends. There were hundreds of bikes and way more people there. I witnessed an awesome crash on the way to Fair park from Whataburger.

I was traveling in a group of about 20 bikes and these two squids were doing stand up wheelies down I35 in our group, one of them brought his bike down with the front wheel slightly turned and/or the front brake engaged (at about 65mph).
BAM! He went down only a few feet in front of me HARD! I about soiled my underpants trying not to run him over. I was amazed how far his bike traveled down the 5 lane freeway in a flatspin. Anyway, about 1/2 a dozen of us stopped to help him back up, we stood his bike up and checked him out. He was wearing jeans, tshirt and a helmet. He was covered in roadrash and had a huge chunk missing out of his tshirt at his gut. He lifted up his shirt to find he was missing a large chunk of flesh over his right kidney. His didn't say much, he just fired his bike up (spewing oil out of the side cover), got on it, and took off by himself. We all scrambled to our bikes, but we never saw him again. I’m sure wherever he is, he's in serious pain right now. I am glad his stupidity didn't hurt anyone else.

Moral of the story: If you’re going to do shiznit like that, don't endanger others, he could have easily wiped several of us out. Do yourself a favor: WEAR YOUR GEAR!
I am sure you never saw him again. He is probably hiding out in a dark corner in complete shame. Thats no good to thrash a bike and yourself playing around. Your right about doing that crap when it could hurt others. Glad he was the only one that went down. I am sure DPS would have loved to been there for that 20 person ride. Take it easy and stay safe.
Ah, now I remember why I went home, instead.

That group is not my cup'o'tea I guess.

I take it Neill went straight to Fair Park?
Oh, well, maybe next time.
Yeah man......I met up with some lady and her man who said that's where they were going and we followed them straight to Fair Park.....I'll definitely be back down there from time to time though. Good fun and a hell of a lot of bikes.
That was the debrief.....Want more?  Ok... We showed up at Fairpark about 10:30 or something like that (after our excitement on the freeway) and they were already starting to drag.  They had a pretty good setup there and had it fairly organized.  Anyone who wanted to race just got in line and went.  They also had a section for stunters to do their thing.  That's it...  If I go again I think I will go earlier before it gets too crowded.  There were lots o’ spectators, the place could have used more hot chicks.
glad to see there was a good time had by most.. i am rollin out this saturday to wb and then to fair park if anyone wants to meet up, wish i coulda made it out last saturday..
I raced a Kaw 12 and a 600rr....the guy on the 600rr was begging to race so I stood up in second and rode it out, set it down hit third and beat him up. I demolished the 12.....I think he stalled it out. I was on the wheelie side of the area most of the night.