Sat. June 27th, Blue Ridge Parkway


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I have set up a ride for my Church Buddies, all .org buddies are welcome as well. Let me know if you have any questions. Pics from some of our previous rides:

Second Baptist Motorcycle Group

Blue Ridge Parkway Ride. We will leave 7a.m. from the Gum Springs Dairy Queen(I-64 and Gumspring Exit 159). We'll take Route 250 west to Blue Ridge Mile Marker(0), Then went south to MM(48),Buena Vista this is where we will gas up.

Then continue south to MM(59) Otter Creek, there is a restaurant here. Perhaps lunch here or keep going south to MM(84)Peaks of Otter, and have lunch there.

Lunch at Otter Creek and saves the extra 40 miles to Peaks of Otter. We can see how far folks want to ride. My preride was 328 miles, a record for me.



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Everything is looking good for Saturday's Ride:thumbsup:, here is the tentative agenda:

Blue Ridge Ride 6-27-09

1. My intent is to get an early start and arrive for lunch earlier rather than later. We will depart at 7a.m. from the Gum Springs Dairy Queen, located on Route 522,(I-64 and Gumspring Exit 159). We'll take Route 250 west to Blue Ridge Mile Marker(0). This leg is 65 miles, we will make a brief stop at the Mile Marker (0) Visitor Center.

2. After approximately 121 indicated total miles we will LEFT exit around (MM 48), a right turn will take us into Buena Vista, we will gas up there and allow any lagging riders to catch up.

3. We will rejoin the Parkway and ride south to Otter Creek Restaurant (MM59) , total miles indicated 141. We will STOP and decide if we want to continue to Peaks of Otter restaurant.

4. IF we continue to Peaks of Otter (MM84), indicated total miles is 167. The path for our departure is not set in stone. We can see how road weary people are at lunch and come to a consensus for our return path. This is a longer ride, depending on our departure route, we will not be back until after 3:00ish. I look forward to seeing some new faces. Ride Safe! Direct any questions to my email or cell, Thanks!:

Cell: (804) 347-9292

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