Sarajevo Pet Projekt

What do you call a guy with no fixed income and a soft spot for stray dogs...
A big phuggin softy....
Yeah so what you tell anybody and I'll come and whoop your azz!!!

I met this "bitch" in my old neighborhood and she immediately spoke to me saying that she has kids to feed it was obvious by the droop of her mammary glands. She is a little camera shy.

I went looking for her den in the burned out school building in front of my old flat. It didn't take long to find the litter of seven healthy vigorous puppies. They're about 4 weeks old teeth haven't begun to erupt. Four males and three females.

Not as full as her hands are...
I am setting up a shelter for stray and abondoned pets and I will be writing all of the major pet food companies for donations.
These will be adopted out to caring people here in Sarajevo.
I am going to try to get on the list as a not for profit agency.

Okay I never knew it was supposed to be like this.
Whining and yapping all night. Got a few hours sleep.
Mom has a food aggression problem even with her own puppies.
Oh, and go ahead and shoot me for this but I spraigned my ankle this morning stepping down onto the driveway. Busted my azz pretty good.
Went straight to the Hospital before thinking that I should bring the dogs in from the balcony.
So all x-rayed and bandaged up I return to my pad and find people out back on the ground floor garden. One of the little daredevils decided he wanted to see how it feels to hit grass from 8 feet. Luckily he was just chilling down there without any signs of damage. I checked all of his limbs and he is good. Must have bounced off the damp mossy grass floor with his big fat tummy. Man, this dog mothering shet is hard work..

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