Sarah Palin's speech to the 2013 NRA Convention


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Sarah Palin's outstanding speech to the NRA Convention (yesterday). She may have been a little 'green' to be a VP Candidate 5 years ago, but she's come a long way - no matter how hard the left tries to discredit her, she keeps coming back, better. She nails the hypocrisy of those using emotion to further political ends. Compare her to Joe Biden and tell me with a straight face she wouldn't be a better VP than he is (and he had 20+ years in the Senate to prepare)......

I think she nails it on the head (paraphrasing John Adams); our Republic only stands in the framework of a moral and religious populace....lets see just how widely the mainstream media replays her speech..

Considering recent polling information about the sentiments surrounding the gun control debate, and the public opinion about Sarah Palin, I tend to think that any ticket she's on will be a losing one. She had a chance to make an impression with McCain, and blew dont generally recover from that in this kinda game, and to support the defeat of an issue with 80%+ public support, and siding with a group that has alienated a large cross-section of the voting public, is further political suicide. It'll be interesting to see what the republican party does, but I tend to think they'll choose to distance themselves from such a divisive figure. Then again, I also think that the democrat party should distance themselves from Hillary Clinton, so who knows?


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Based partially on that movie where she was portrayed by Julieanne Moore (Game Change) and the fact that I am a HUGE Bill Maher fan,and the fact that I follow US pollitics closer than my own Canadian krap, I can't fuggin' stand her. I think her and her whole family are moron's. I would fear for america if she were Vice.Not saying anyone else is any better at the moment,but she is just plain dumb.

"Here comes Honey Boo Boo" should have been based on her family.:rofl:



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I don't think she had a fair chance thrust into the VP stage with zero prep or knowledge. However, like I said before, she keeps coming back, and that speech she gave resonates with a LOT of people. She may not be electable, but she certainly understands more than she's given credit for.

Again, compare her to Joe Biden....
I will admit, strictly from a public speech perspective, she did a good job in that speech: good rythum, good stage presence, good crowd contact...not a bad performance overall.


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Still one the biggest reasons the Republican party is screwed. Un-electable...

Sure the democrats are busy destroying things no doubt... But right now, the republicans have got nothing but rhetoric that alienates millions.

Both parties are responsible for bringing America to it's knees, corporate reach arounds, bankers in bed with politicians, and elected officials afraid or not allowed to vote how their constituents want... Pathetic.

And then they Trot out this idiot to speak to gun owners? May as well have put up the circus tent and sold peanuts.

(Yeah I'm feeling Ranty)
She is not a politician. Imho she does seem to get it. Unfortunately, this is not the prevailing sentiment in this country. People seem to want big government to take care of them and don't seem to care what they have to submit to, to get that feeling of security. I also believe that the tv show was a mistake, however, I feel that aside from being dramatized for ratings her family is not so uncommon across the U.S. in this current day and age. I agree she is probably not electable. You have to be a politician for that.
You guys are too late. I already hit that and repeatedly! She is great in bed. Oh, she gave a speech? I don't look at her for speeches, she is HOT!!

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