Sandy Flood Aid


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Just goes to show where their priorities really are(they who are really in charge, behind the scenes of our public puppet government).


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That wasn't the issue of delaying the vote AT ALL. And in fact, was a good decision by Speaker Boehner.

What happened was that the bill got flooded with EARMARKS that had NOTHING to do with Sandy Relief (I suspect by members of both parties); and the Speaker stopped it from going forward until they could weed that wholesale theft of the American public out. They passed the most important part, and will pass the other parts peacemeal for what REALLY COUNTS rather than PORK. I applaud him for taking the obvious heat from both parties in doing the right thing, even when unpopular. If people hadn't starting earmarking it, it would have sailed thru. Kinda ticks me off that our elected representatives would use this obvious need for some relief aide for other purposes...

Not as happy with the fiscal cliff deal. Pork is being found in that bill daily (remember, the house members actually saw the bill about 10 minutes before voting on it)...


Ya, it should be against the law to put anything in to a bill that does not have anything to do with it.:rulez:

I know, that is the only way most of them will vote on it, if there junk is added to it.:banghead: