San Francisco Bike Show


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The show was great and I had a blast. We took over the show with all of us with our .ORG shirts on and had all kinds of people asking us questions. They thought we worked there. :tounge: By us I mean LoBusa, Big_E, HawaiiBusa, FLrider, Sane_Man, and myself. We had a little fun with Lo. I was able to bring Jester with my and we left that out when I told Lo that I was coming out there. :D I distracked her while Jester came up from behind and grabbed her. The look on her face when she saw him was priceless. I hope I got everybody if not I'm sorry. Some of Lo's group showed as well which included Shawn, her sister Dawn and many others. I only took a few pictures but Jester took more. Here are the important pictures. The New Busas.
The first one is the Black and Purple. It really looks good in person. That's Big_E's son in the back ground.
Jester and myself left this morning at 5:00am to catch our flights that left around 7. We just barely made them. When we checked out of the hotel the guy running the desk took forever to check us out. Then we couldn't find a gas station and once we did I topped off the tank. When the pump did its auto stop I looked at the total and it had stopped right on $6.66 :devil: All I could say to that was "Oh this can't be good" :eek: A few more clicks on the pump and we were off once again. So we go to pull out the station and I try to go the wrong way on a one way road. I didn't see the little concrete barrier. OOPS :crazy: Finally we get to the Airport exit and start following the signs for the car rental returns. After what seemed like forever we finally got the car checked in and the hike began. Take the elevator down one floor just to take an escalator up two floors. Take the airport train over the terminal and walk for what seemed to be about a mile. Wait in line to get our tickets, security check and run to the gate just as they were closing the doors. Thank you there is a god. The sad part is that the hotel that we stayed in was only about fifteen minuets from the airport but with all the nonsense involved in getting there almost cost us our flights. Oh Well at least we made it. :D See you all again in July at Laguna.
Fun, Fun, FUN!  Thanx to all that came and props to Jim & Josh for letting me share the motel room & to Big_E for buyin me dinner ( great sushi! ).

here is a few shots that I got...

...silly Jester, smiles for everything but the camera.

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I signed up for 4 dif bike give - a - ways. All the ad's will start flowing to my house soon...

Me checkin out the Victory Vegas. - Finally, thanx to you all once again & thanx to Capt for providing a place where i could make such special friends. Much aloha, we will see ya in Laguna! - Kent

Very Cool, This is what the board needs more of. Folks getting together having a good time, then telling everyone about it and making us all jealous with the trip reports. Thanks for the pics... Looks like a good time...

uh OOOOOOH, what have we here?
Kent, you weren't supposed to post the pic of me sitting on one of THOSE bikes... can't you see that it didn't feel quite right?? But I must confess, the new ZX10 from Kawi is schweeeeeet!! That bike felt really good. (Not as good as a Busa, but... awiight) I could see it as a haul-ass track bike!!! Just not at 10K...

Great to see you guys!! I was shocked as hell to see Jester!!! Those guys got me good, I thought I was seeing things when I turned around and saw him grinning at me!!! It was a pleasant suprise. Jim you are the greatest!! Can't wait to kick with you all again in Laguna!!!! Cap, thanks for a great website with the coolest Busa ridin' maniacs I have ever met!!!!!!
Lo :beerchug:
That is cool. Wish i could have been there. July seems so far away.

FYI, Laguna posters went out...who received them? Who still wants one?
Got my poster and calender..Thnx again Thinker.  Hawaii ----cool pic's from SF....Just love it here..Thanks Captain and all members...Laguna is a way's off..but will happen again..eehha!
PaceM. :tounge:

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Yes everybody, I would have to say, I HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!!!

I cant think Jim enough for gettin my big butt to San Fran and all the fun that followed.

The Look on Lo`s face was well worth the trip!!! The hole, who tha? what tha? how tha? is that? how tha? thing was funny as hell!!!

Was great to get to see everybody again, I hat that its so far away to get to see all my friends. I cant wait to see you all again in July. Its gona take for ever but its worth the wait.
i was glad to see all of everyone again at the show. it was a blast. The look on Lo was pretty funny when she seen Jester there. Can't wait for Laguna...

Oh Yeah.. Lunch on you guys next year :tounge: