San Diego Bound!


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I leave Anaheim Thursday morning for San Diego. I am staying in La Jolla until Sunday. First, any "fun" routes from Anaheim to La Jolla? Remember, I will have all my luggage then. Secondly, where are some nice rides around San Diego? I need some gentle ones to take a passenger as well (scenic, easy, etc.). How about Palomar? Where is that and how do I get there?

I would be willing to hook up for a ride depending on what my friends I am meeting there want to do.


While you are thinking about this, I also need suggestions from San Diego back to Vegas. The last time I was in San D. I ended up taking some road through a national forest to get back to I-15. I can not remember the route, but it was awesome. I would love to repeat that on the Busa.

Thanks again!
If you hit water, you went too far! j/k

La Jolla is a nice place to hang out.
If the street signs are Spanish you went too far too!

PM Howlin', Purplehaze or Fatjap.
Shoot! I am leaving in a few minutes. I guess it is I-5 for me. I will post when I get there.