Samsung HD 860DVD


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To compliment my new Hi-def tv I ordered the Samsung HD 860DVD

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I got an x-box and one of my major biotches of the x-box is I think it sux as dvd player. I joined net flix a while back and if the dvd is not darn near perfect, it wont play. Most of netflix the x-box wont touch.

I'm thinking new technology, dvd only dedicated player...supposed to give dvds in 720p/1080i format...shouldn't have any problems...

Samsung blows (insert colorful metafore here)....I take incredible care of my discs, don't loan em out, always in the case...this thing locks up ever 5 minutes.


I don't know if it's having a hard time reading every disc I own or it's a glitch in just trying to convert/process information into hi-def format.

Using HMDI cable

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