Sales halted.

I purchased a 2013 Special Edition but before I could pick it up, the sales person called and told me that Suzuki put an immediate halt to all Hayabusa sales pending some sort of repair to the ABS brake system. Apparently, Suzuki hasn't yet told the dealerships what parts to order or how to fix the problem but....... I can't have the bike that I paid for until the dealership is able to correct the problem.

Does anyone know what's going on?

I read online that the ABS system can be accidentally disabled and there's no doubt that having no ABS when one expects it to be there could be very dangerous but I don't know if that's the repair that Suzuki is doing on the ABS models.


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This is typical. It happened on some SV's once. Dealer got no word for weeks.Zook did nothing for weeks. Then Zook sent dealers out a package with a couple reflectors in it. The only affected models were ones with some luggage krap on them.:rofl: But they halted all sales. LOL. Dealers got paid for 5 minutes shop labour to install these much needed safety upgrades.:laugh:

I can harly wait to hear the opinions of those who were arguing with Rubb about ABS. Rubb was/is Busa ABS opposed.

Hopefully everyone blasting around on ABS bikes right now at break-neck speed relying on their ABS instead of,well you know....skills,reflexes,etc.....

DOES NOT GET TO FIND OUT THE HARD WAY. "Oh no a car cut me off...I know,I'll hit my breaks,front and back really hard,Oh no....CRUNCH". :poke:

ABS owners....just sit by the phone...maybe check yer email daily,Suzuki will be there to help.:whistle: Most of all,don't panic.:thumbsup:

BROKEN before it gets off the show room floor. Too funny.

I would be at the dealer tomorrow demanding my money back and looking for a sweet deal on one of those 2012's with the old ****ty brakes.:laugh:



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Yes it is true, i found out yesterday while speaking to the sales manager at Honda east.

Its a ABS Major recall, that they are working on.


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Tell them you want your money back/ cancel the deal and tell them you are going to buy a ZX14 Kawaski's bike works see if that speeds things up. There is a possibility that Zuk has no idea what the problem is or how to correct it. Or is scrambling to have replacement parts for it made, if its a unique part introduced for that year there may be no immediate parts replacement for it.
Nah.... I'm not a fan of Kawasakis and those George Foreman Grills decorating the sides of the fairings.

Besides, I really like the 2013 Special Edition that I bought.

I'm just unclear on what the safety issue is that caused Suzuki to halt sales of 2013 models and to halt the delivery of purchased bikes and an anxious for it to get resolved so that I can pick up my new motorcycle.


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Just a question, and I know you already paid for the bike, but dont you think this is a good thing? I mean, if the bike has a recall, let them fix it and move on. Better that than you taking the bike and something happens, then we will all want to know why it wasnt fixed. :laugh:
Of course, it's a good thing to have ABS brakes that function properly. Obviously, it's a disappointment when one purchases a new toy and cannot take possession of it but I have other motorcycles to ride while I wait and this also gives me more time to order the parts that I want to install on the Hayabusa.

The only purpose of this posting was to see if anyone had more information about the problem than my salesperson had shared with me and... Flicka provided what I was looking for.

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