safe mode with networking


I know the regular safe mode doesn't support internet access, but I can't even get online in safe mode with networking. I'm connected directly to the router via ethernet cable but when I try to get online it just tells me it can't load the page. It also doesn't show any connections on the network connections page in the control panel. Any ideas?
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When connected to the router do you get an IP, I'm assuming that you have DHCP, if so what is the IP, can you ping the router or the gateway?

Start > Run

Type CMD in the white box and a black screen will come up (DOS looking text)


ipconfig /release

the screen will scroll,

then type

ipconfig /renew

then try to get on the net again...


After the release comand it said IP address for local area connection has already been released. No operation can be performed on wireless network connection while it has its media disconnected. I put in the renew comand and it said an error occurred while renweing interface local area connection : the RPC server is unavailable. No operation can be performed on wireless network connection while it has its media disconnected.
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It's been a while since I had to use that mode in XP but I believe that mode only loaded the drivers to allow you to access your NIC card and not all the software needed to browse the internet. I know you could browse other computers with that mode but I'm not sure about the internet. Like I said it's been a while since I used that mode though. ???


I'm not trying to use the wireless connection, I'm trying to connect with the ethernet, so I don't know why it was saying I can't do anything with the wireless connection cause that's not what I'm connecting with.
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Oh, and to answer Do3, its my house. Its my laptop that usually connects wirelessly, but safe mode doesn't load those drivers so I'm trying to connect directly so I can download some things to try to remove a trojan.
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Use the "ipconfig /all" command and see if you have a good ip address. What brand of router are you using? Linksys/Cisco usually use as the ip address of the router. Try asigning the network card an ip address of Then type "ping" and see if you get a reply from the router.
Another thought: are you plugged directly into you cable or DSL modem? depending on your service you might not get an ip address automatically. The RPC (Remote Proceedure Call) error has me baffled, but might be due to not having a router. that is if you dont have one.. I'm just throwing out suggestions.

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