saddle/beetle bags

I have just recently purchased a 06 busa. So far I love the bike. I saw some pictures of the new busas the Oklahoma highway patrol recently got and love the beetle/saddle bags they have. I am wondering if anybody knows whether these are custom made or a product the general public can buy. If you haven't seen the bags they are pretty nice.


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I have the Corbin seat set, with the backrest. The wife LOVES the rear seat & backrest combo. The set is FIRM, and WILL take a while to break in to your behind. The downside is they are $$$ and heavy. The fit is very good though.
 Corbin has several good pictures on the web site showing the beetle bags in detail.

My thoughts?  I think that they are a bit funky looking.  

They wont hold a helmet.

They don't unhook.  

And they cost over $1000  

I wish that someone would make a bag that would fit the Bus.  Maybe BMW bags with the the back panels altered to the Busa contour.

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