sad, painful day.


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Man o man, very sorry to hear this bro. I hope you are ok and am very happy you are able to post up.

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Waaaay not good!!! but, you lived to ride another day. God bless for that.
as far as the "punks"go, I'm not the least bit surprised although, (not that you need any advice) when that type of thing with "cagers" crosses my path,...I get off the road ASAP (if as with you, I can't get gone)... cool off... then return to my ride with a differant set of cagers to deal with. Hopefully more mature ones.
Reading your thing takes me back to my last "get off" years ago (similiar injuries) and, I can only wish you well and, guarantee you it will get better but, that wrong done to you will never be righted by those that did it.
Emotionally, anger wise,'re gonna just have to get past it. Anything else is a waste of good energy that you could use to heal up faster.
Sorry man, it really sucks and, I understand all too well.
best wishes.


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Glad you're alive and will recover. The pricks in the car need to experience what an axe handle can do to them.


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Sorry to hear of your misfortunes man. Folks in cars have no idea how bad they can mess you up on a bike. To bad someone didn't chase the little bastids down. Sounds like you are beat up pretty bad but not life threatening? Thank goodness you are not in worse shape. Heal up fast and keep us posted on your progress.


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I am so glad you're able to relay the story, what you recall of it...that all could have been so much worse!

Heal fast!!!


the witness said he was more worried about getting to me than getting the plate number. the kids ran, of course.

found out some more details earlier. i guess when i left the roadway, the edge created a sort of ramp. the guy said me and the busa traveled about 7-8 feet high for about 25-30 yards before landing. he said i stayed on the bike all the way but when i landed, it looked like my head hit the triple tree, then i went airborne


Sorry to hear man. Glad you are able to tell the story. Those punks will get what is coming to them. Karma is a B@#CH. Hopes in a fast and full recovery. Take care of yourself first. Let us know if you need anything.

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