Sad news!


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I am usually not one to ask for help or prayers, but last week we found out that my father has only 2-3 months to live. He is dieing of lung cancer.
He really wasn't much of a father as I was growing up because he and my mom split up when I was five and he moved out of state.
But after my daughter was born I tried to be an adult and start a relationship with him, if nothing else, just so my daughter would know her grandfather. But as time has gone by, we have become pretty good friends, and it has worked out emotionally for us both I think.
It just saddens me that now that we do have a relationship that he won't be around too much longer to talk to or even get to know better. Plus I hate for ANYONE to have to go through all of the stuff that comes with any form of illness that results in death.
Sorry to be so long winded, but just thought I would ask for him to be put on the .org prayer list.

Thanks folks,

P.S. CAp a prayer list as a sticky..does that sound like a good idea?


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Sorry to hear this. Prayers and thoughts go out.


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sorry man very sad indeed prayers sent


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I hope the best for you and your family.

Make the most of these next few months.

Prayers sent.



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Sorry to hear the bad news,I'm sure it will be very hard on you and your family.I know first hand what it is to loose a parent...mine got hit by a cager in '94,went into a coma,died that night. Talk about not getting to say goodbye!

So indeed thoughts and prayes are on the way.And what really matters is today...not the past relationship.
Sorry to say bro,but prepare yourself for a very long recovery of sadness.It does get better.


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I am feeling for you bro. I just recently lost my father on Aug 29, 2006 :-( He was only 63.

My thoughts and prayers for you father and family and that you remain strong for you family through this tough time.


my prayers go out to you and your family.

my daughter lost her grandpa when she was 4 months old... he was only 42, heartattack... no time to say goodbye.

even though your dad is sick, i hope his quality of life til the end is one that will allow him to cherish his time with his family.