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Ok, now that da Bugs bike is just about completely chromed its time to step up..... I'm tired of all the extra work especially on the rims with brake dust. Any suggestions? What are you using? I've heard Windex, simple green, and a few others but are there any specific to cleaning the bike like S100?


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Ok Bug,I have been into full custom hot rod Harleys for years until I fell in love with the Busa.
I am used to having chrome up the gazoo,and still have a bike like this.
The best product I have use is the S100.You basically hose your bike down,spray the s100 all over it,let it sit,then hose it off.I like to lightly blow dry with my compressor and then maybe a chamois after.
This stuff is great!
The other thing that I believe that works just as good,and is prolly close to the same ingredients (although s100 doesnt print them out) is simple green.
You use it the same way and IMO,works just as good.
Your chrome will gleam.
I just believe that it will remove the wax on your bike so you may have to re-wax.


BTW,ther will be no extra effort on the chrome rims...trust me.
The only other thing I may do sometimes is to actually rub some of the areas with my bare hands after applying to remove any heavy residue..

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Here's my selection. Honda Pro-Shine since new, Micro-Fiber cloths, and California car dusters. That's about it.

I use the dusters to remove surface grit and dust, works great dry on the wheels with brake dust. Then just pro-shine and micro-fibre. Shines real nice, takes no time.


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We use LOTS of Simple Green on dirty bikes. Also Scubbing Bubbles works great on engines and other surfaces with hard to reach dirt and dust.


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i used s100 all the time when i had the harley. best thing on the market. you can wash all the metal and paint with it. rinses off easy. just polish what nees to be with some mothers polish and done.


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S100 is great but you have to use a lot of water to rinse it off. Leaves a residue if you do not really really rinse it well. It is really soapy.

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