runs like crap......sometimes


this thing i driving me crazy!!!!! i have a gixxer 1k but a friend is having a problem with his 99 busa so i say bring it over i ll take a look.i will start from the beginning.he comes over i take it for a 15 mile thrashing... it ran great!!! he told me to keep it for a couple of days "you will see" he says. well i left it in the driveway for about 45 min. then i take out again it seems like its not getting enough fuel spitting and sputtering like you took out 3 plugs and tried to ride it. wont idle wont rev it acts like its got a 4000 rev limiter.i unhooked the powercommander and got the same result. i left it until the next day went out rode it for 40 miles ran great again!! stopped for a little 30 minute break got back on and here we go again spitting and sputtering!!! the tank was painted not long ago so i pull the petcock to check out the screen. it seemed to be clean but i got some settlement out of the tank...hmmmm maybe it was clogging the screen. i cleaned everything out real good and put it back together. everthing still acts the same no change. i took apart the fuel pump and checked the filter...everything was very clean.
i called the dealer the said it was the tip over switch so.... i ripped it apart..everthing was working just fine.

what i am getting at is ......has anyone had a simalar problem...if so drop me a responce.i will keep everone updated!!! thanks foir any help.


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Sounds like we have a fuel management problem....... Did the bike repeat the problems you were having with the stock ECU?


well i went though all that trouble.......gas tank cleaning ect..ect.... today i started fresh.....i put it in dealer mode and it gave me a tps fault.( why didnt i do this first??) the tps was tight so i just took it off to give it a visual inspection. looked fine. put it back on .....set it......been riding it ever since:):)
learn from my mode first!!not second,not third.
well anyway i learned about busa fuel pumps in the process.
thanks to everyone that replied


Thanks for the throttle position censor (TPS) tip. I put my 2000 hayabusa in dealer mode (with a paper clip no less) and found the TPS on the high mark. So I borrowed a torx T-20 security bit (WHY a security bit?) to loosen the TPS.

After adjusting the TPS, what I mistook for a partial misfire, was gone. Well, at least it was gone at idle and various throttle openings in neutral. I didn't have much time for a test run, but the mile or so was a HUGE improvement. With the stumble fixed, I was leaning over further, and quicker on cold tires than I normally do on warm ones. The bike is a completely different (much more friendly) animal.

It hasn't run that well for over a year. Fixed with less than 0.1mm of adjustment. Who'd of thought...


Torx you ask? I wondered the same thing. And after considering it for a week or so the only thing I can think of is to prevent owners from foolin with it. You need the "special" dealer mode switch to adjust it correctly. I tossed those out and replaced with stainless cap-head bolts. Now the TPS is easy to adjust since I have the switch permanently wired onto the harness. I think Suzuki was trying to generate some repair revenue. Shame - Suzuki - SHAME!


the safety torx is definitly a a ploy to bring it to the dealer.but you can buy the bits at almost any pepboys or napa nowadays. after you put it in dealer mode make sure you snap the throttle a coulpe of times to be sure its fully closed. i had a gixxer 1000 that was reading high but the throttle cables were out of adjustment....after snapping it a coulple of times it read about throwing you a curve


Im having a VERY similar problem with my 00 Busa. The dealer had it and was unable to fix it. They tried everything short of a new ECU.

Fire it for the 1st time of the day...ride it and its perfect. Shut it off for 10 minutes or so then fire it back up and theres no idle, gotta keep 3k or higher to keep it alive. To ride it I have to launch at 5k or so, and while riding must be over 4k. It fights me, but it can run all thru the revs (where our story is different) but as soon as I left off the throttle even a lil bit it dies. Dealer went all thru the fuel system, replaced the TPS, and still no luck,,,and no clue. Im trying a new ecu out in a couple days.

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