Running smoothly at last


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Just got done replacing all the vacuum lines. Turns out they had hardened and last time I replaced them, the diameter was slightly too large, so they weren't sealing properly.

Did the throttle-valve synch. #2 was high, brought them back almost to level. Oil trap cleaned on the crankcase vent. New battery. It's running great now. Just need to put the side panel back.

It's been raining off and on, today, but I'm riding anyway. :laugh:

:guns: Bike gremlins


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Good to see ya on here Narc...glad you got it sorted.
Ps still using my home made TRE with a switch that you posted a diagram many years ago.
I always ride with it activated.
5th gear map at idle sounds sooo goood.....clutch has to be out and in neutral.
I never connect the crank case vent to the airbox. I use a filter from the older models chevys that filter the crankcase vents entering the breather/air intake. Price about$2-$3

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