Running in


Hi guys , i'm new to this forum and i jus brought a 2002 silver hayabusa ....
Any good tips for running in the Hayabusa....
What should i do to make my bike faster
Heard that the 2002 models is not as fast as the previous models ... Is it true
LOL no thats not true. It has limited top end, but as far as 1/4 speed its just as fast. Only thing is that the Blue/Black is faster than the Silver, you just bought the wrong color.
is it true ???
the black/blue is faster ????
thought that it all the same ???
should have gone for the other color....
thanks win43win but how abt the running in ....
i'm execited abt my new baby just want the best for it
NO hes lieing. Black/Blue is just as fast as the Silver/Silver. Its the Black/Silver that is faster.
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td> (Odyssey @ Aug. 03 2002, 18:40)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">NO hes lieing. Black/Blue is just as fast as the Silver/Silver. Its the Black/Silver that is faster.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
so the 02 model is slower than the previous model but it is still faster than most bike correct

and any tips on running in the bike
There are all sorts of theories on running in and to go into each in detail would take eons.

Some suggest that you should run in as per Suzuki manual.  Other theories contradict by saying you really should blow the bike from the start.

Personally i suggest following the book.  But it's really up to you.

There is another thread re this issue in the forum, u might like to look there:
Having tried it a couple of ways and not being able to tell a whole lot of difference I would recommend a good highway ride the first day 300+ miles. Some around town miles 200 or so - keeping the r's down to a low roar. Then another longer run. I usually change the oil in the first 500-700 miles then at 1500-2000, after 2k I change over to full synthetic and never look back. This is what I did on my '88 1000 Hurricane. After 38k miles of the hardest abuse you could imagine she still was an incredible machine. Keep in mind this is just my $.02, and this is the way I will be breaking mine in starting tomorrow when I pick her up!!!
Win43, you bonehead!

Everyone knows the Silver is faster than that yucky black and blue.

Quit trying to fill the poor guy with your Communist Propaganda.
so for the first oil change... i should use full synthetic or semi synthetic or wat type of 4T oil i should use
You have to get the bike custom painted to really unlock its power.

On the break-in, just run it for short trips. Warm it completely, run it for a few miles, bring it back and let it cool completely. Repeat, increasing the RPMs each time. I would not run it on the highway for a long trip as you need the thermal variances. If you do this, you can change the oil and filter at 50-100 miles.
I run Castrol GTX for the first 2000 then switch to full synthetic. I also change the filter every time. As far as those who only change their filter every other time goes I don't. I change my car filter every time and it never sees 10k RPM's. It can never hurt. I know a couple of guys that run nothing but "dino" oil, but they change their oil and filter every 1000 miles also.

Definately don't go to synthetic untill after break in. This allows your rings to properly seat and so on. The only thing I have heard about going straight to synthetic is the engine never really breaks in. This is just what I've heard. Don't crusify me if I'm wrong.


DO NOT USE SYNTHETIC OIL FOR AT LEAST THE FIRST 1000 MILES. In essecense, if you dont use petrolum based oil fro the first 1000 miles, you will inhibit the break-in process. And prevent proper setting of the rings.
I agree with Narcissus, cruzing on Highway or interstate roads for 100 or 200 miles, is exactly what you Don't want to do. Not only do you need thermal variances but ideally you want cylinder pressure variances also, this happens when you excellerate or decellerate at different speeds and in different gears, all of which you won't get at highway cruzing. The very first Rides should be short but aways long enough to reach normal running temps, and then should be cooled down to ambient temp before next ride. Some will disagree, but this therory has been proven by engine tear downs after break in, by very reputable people in the past.
Good Luck, and enjoy your new toy!!
oh okay, so no long distance running for the very first ride but it should be long enough for the bike to warm up ... but what the norm for 'warm' sorry but as it is my new baby , i want to take real good care of it.
and for the oil change , i dun use any type of SYNTHETIC OIL at all or i can use those that is semi / contained a bit of SYNTHETIC OIL?? is it adviceable ...
what type of 4T oil out there that is not synthetic??? all the way i have been using synthetic oil ....
I have too new Busa and i running in like this: First 500mile drive a max 5000 rpm and next 500mile (500mile -> 1000mile) drive max 8000rpm. And then you must but a turbo in you Busa

Siler/blue is a fastes Busa model
From the sounds of it the fastest Busa around here anyway maybe Ninja eaters Busa not sure of the color but I havent heard anyone say the went faster