To Whom it may concern...

Thanks for turning me onto Runescape...

It has eaten up many productive hours of my life since last fall.
hahahahaha... I had a friend who tried to get me into that. I told him thank you but no thank you... My wife would shoot me if I picked up another addiction... So all I can say is hahahahahahahah.
exactly why I only play short lasting, short attention span action games... like PAC-MAN! life's too short to live it inside a game
. . . . . . .
. . . . . .:angry:
. . . . . . . [wakka wakka wakka wakka]

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I fear online gaming... Especially anything involving a sword... Hell I failed an entire semester because of online gaming...

Nope, I have few vices, but damned if I can control my online gaming habit. So I must stay away, IN FACT I am not even going to go look at Runescape. Nope, not gunna do it.
here ya go, Rev! Looks pretty cooL!


I got yer back, d00d! ;)

and here's another one that plays for free. I just DL'd it but have too short attention span to figure out what to do. Heck I cant even kill a bear


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if i may suggest one that me and my wife and my kids play all the time (we have two computers networked) and its free... click the link to read about it....its massive and if you get on....i run a guild called anarchy on the oaisis server would love to see ya on!!!!